Mind Body Hacks Unlock World-Class Mastery Skills in Whatever You Do

Scientists Claim Humans Only
Use 10% of Our Full Potential...

Here's How to Access Your Trapped 90%...

Your Supermind...

ENERGY, and CREATIVE GENIUS in Your Hands Almost Instantly!

Introducing The Quantum Leap
Mastery Breakthrough System

Gain Mastery Skill Levels of  World-Class
Performers & Sports Stars Breathtakingly Fast

This Breakthrough System Will Give You Highly
Accelerated Mastery Skills for Virtually Anything You Do


If you’re looking to step up into your full potential and have the shortcut to be world-class in whatever you're passionate about.  This breakthrough system will give you Highly Accelerated Mastery Skills that completely maximizes your vibrational energy, fullest muscular strength, mental focus, inner genius, creativity and ability to perform and communicate at your highest and most engaging levels...in hours and days instead of months and years.




Dear Friend,

Why is it that the best in the world in any field from elite athletes to performers to business execs just keep getting better and better AND are always 10 steps ahead of everyone else? There's a reason!


It’s not just talent that puts them head and shoulders above everyone - because scores of talented people never become world-class. It’s not just hard work either - because the majority of people work long and hard but never get there either…



They have privy to far superior mastery skills they gather every day hanging in circles of elite colleagues who exponentially accelerate their growth on many levels. They still train with coaches who walk their own talk in the highest forms of mastery. These things will continue to put them out of reach from everyone else ever catching up.

The most talented athletes, performers, and business execs seem to be able to effortlessly tap into extremely rare peak performance mental states.

They have superior mental and physical skill sets that accelerator them to consistently outperform their best scores and break world records.  

It's in peak states where world-class mastery skills and performances are commonplace.

Seriously, do you think they’re really anxious to share any of those secrets with you that would lessen their winning edge in any way?! No way!

The thing is, if you don't learn how to massively accelerate your growth with real transformational mastery skills like you'll discover here - you’ll simply never catch up to them. You won't be able to do it with all the hard work or talent in the world alone. You will always be left out in the cold STILL making lame excuses that they have advantages that you'll never have!

Do you want to spend months and years getting mediocre results and experiencing myriads of mistakes trying to figure things out on your own and doing things the same way everyone else is who are getting little more results than you? Do you want to experiment with more theories from internet "gurus" who can't walk the talk themselves?

Don't feel bad if you've already been doing this. I seriously regret the many years I wasted doing all these things myself!

The truth is there is a now a way you can get your hands on quantum leaping mastery skill sets and personal power secrets that usually only the top 1% of high performance masters in the world have.

So, the question is, how do you access these excitingly powerful states and exclusive physical performance enhancers so you can switch on your own "world-class" skills and abilities consistently and at will?!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Here’s HOW!

Today I'd like to introduce you to a system that will give you massive shortcuts to quickly leapfrog you into a whole new league - way past the majority of those who may have superior talent, work a lot longer, and harder. 

It's an exciting revolutionary system that rapidly unlocks high performance mastery skill sets at seriously accelerated speeds to dramatically improve your mental and physical performance in almost anything you do - literally giving you “massive shortcuts” to mastery that can knock off 1-5+ years off your learning curve - saving you years of struggling and mediocre results. 

Imagine you had 90% of your body trapped inside a straight-jacket, unable to move. Then suddenly someone took off those restraints and you were finally able to move freely again. That is what this breakthrough system does for you - freeing you from normal mental and physical thinking and movement and empowering you to access your fullest capacities mentally and physically.

Its cutting-edge tools completely synergize and maximize ALL regions of your Mind Body and Spirit to work optimally together with pioneering mental, neurological, physical, and emotional attunement training like nothing else you'll find anywhere. It empowers you to access your fullest and best capacities mentally and physically.

At the same time, it frees you from the normal mental and physical "constipated" thinking and movement patterns that conventional training unwittingly promotes.

Vital energy, your fullest muscular strength, inner genius, and creativity become so highly supercharged that you finally begin accessing your innate 90% of true human potential that will remain buried forever - Unless - somehow you discover how to harness it and put it into action with the right tools.

It's innovative tools equip you to rapidly tap into elite high performance mastery skills and unbelievable strength qualities that performers of all types, business execs, and world-class sports stars demonstrate so brilliantly on automatic pilot.




  • Unlock Unreal strength like you never even imagined possible. Gain more muscular strength in a few hours of learning the core training than you have done in years of training. Discover the concept of the proprietary RPM technique (Revolutionary Power In Motion) and how it instantly amps up your muscular strength, speed, and mastery skills to accelerate your technical abilities at almost anything you do.
  • Rapidly develop Bruce Lee-like "Chi" power and speed in record time to explode with the same kind of ferocious force and focus that he used generate his legendary one-inch punch and two finger pushups. Many have reported they’ve cut 5-10+ years off the time it would normally take to master skills like these. Imagine having unbelievable power and strength like he did without adding huge bloated muscles to your frame and having to eat a truckload of food and expensive supplements every day to maintain them.
  • Awaken your inner Leonardo da Vinci-like creativity, consistent “flow”, passion, and heart connection without spending an entire lifetime training with mediocre lackluster results trying to crack its illusive code. By sparking the creative regions of your mind and fusing them with powerful visualization abilities to conceptualize, you not only begin thinking with an organically beautiful flow but also begin moving with equal finesse. You’ll become the commander of an entirely new vessel of creativity and energy.
  • Supercharged energy and mental focus with cutting-edge mindset and focus shifting techniques to enable you to reignite the raw power of your youth and feel decades younger and more alive. Unlock relentless energy and focus that will empower you to keep your concentration from wandering to crush your best records, your competition, your day job, and realize your dreams and goals faster. Quickly reduce debilitating mental and physical tension in high stakes competitions or performances so you don't choke and you stay on point with supreme focus and confidence.
  • Get Matrix movie-like, real 3-Dimensional balance and strength, and resiliency that’ll give you optimal strength and flexibility at any angle. It’ll blow your mind in how you retain maximum strength at any angle while retaining impeccable balance and organically powerful agility. You’ll rapidly add layers of fluid movement to everything you do and outmaneuver most people who move with one-dimensional inelastic tension-filled movement. These unique uber qualities applied to Any sport can put you way beyond the reach of your colleagues and competition.
  • High impact communication skills to connect on much deeper levels of energy and impact with anyone and everything you touch by mastering your internal vibrational energy. Your vocal resonance and body language commands will be dramatically enhanced instantaneously. If you’re a musician, speaker, or performer of any kind, you’ll be able to consistently connect on emotionally profound levels with large audiences or one-on-one with an almost effortless command that evades many professionals. Without knowing exactly how to change your energy and deliver it with just the right resonance and naturally engaging body language to your listeners, you’ll be forever lost why you’re not connecting at the levels that bring ultimate success and prosperity.
  • Spark bedroom passion to a whole new level with a strong, sensitive, and vibrational touch to melt muscle tension away and increase intimacy at levels that most only fantasize about.

    This life-changing system will do all these things and a LOT MORE…



Above are just a few of the essential attributes to make you world class and apply to almost any field. Because your results can happen so quickly and effectively, it has been coined The Quantum Leap Mastery Skills Accelerator.

Of course, I realize ALL these things may sound too good to be true especially with all the hype you find all over the internet. I encourage you to make read my own bio and also read the many awesome CoreForce Energy reviews from high-performance athletes, coaches, performers, speakers, and business execs who’ve achieved all these mastery skill attributes amazingly fast.

See Phenomenal Results People Are Getting...




"This is Your Fast Track to


FACT: Research says that you're barely scratching the surface of your full potential.

If YOU are really SERIOUS about becoming world-class in every area - to be faster, stronger, have more energy, efficiency, focus, more influence, power, and get more done in less time, with a LOT less effort, this will change your life...

Imagine who you can become and all the amazing things you could do if you could just tap into just an extra 1, 5, or 10% of powerful resources within your mind and body so they are working synergistically together.

Obviously, your upgraded performance results would be remarkable in every area!

It's not a pipe dream. NOW YOU CAN!

Remember it's just the slightest improvements often measured in milliseconds and a few inches that make the difference between winners and losers. 


If you could gain mastery skill levels 10x faster, what would that be worth to you?

Get this, users of this cutting-edge strength training and high performance accelerator system report averaging up to 83% increases in their strength, speed, endurance, agility, energy, and mental focus powers across many different sports and exercises.

By accelerating your mental and physical performances in every area with more energy, mental clarity, creativity, physical strength, fluid functional movement, and personal power, you’ll be able to pursue anything you want at much higher levels of expertise and mastery. Many of my clients who happen to also be world-class coaches themselves have been quoted saying that this system can cut 5-10+ years off training in conventional methods.

Speakers, biz execs, and performers of all types experienced similar results in increasing their mental focus, energy, creativity, passion, and ability to connect on much deeper levels to their clients and audiences. You will engage your vibrational energy and personal power in fresh new ways to give you far reaching impact, superior results, and influence at every level.

It really doesn’t matter what you do or who you are - young, older, male or female - an athlete, a mother, musician, or chef, ANYTHING...

You won’t find any other universal mind body training that gets such across-the-board impressive results like these - Anywhere - that will allow you to leapfrog past your previous results into a whole new level of expertise and performance.


This mastery skill training system is a complete paradigm shift from any conventional peak performance or mastery coaching in how it seamlessly fuses together and synergizes both your mind and body at the same time - not separately as in most conventional training.

It does so by engaging ALL regions of your Mind Body and Spirit together to work with optimal synergy with cutting-edge mental, neurological, physical, and emotional attunement training ( which is another critical element barely ever addressed that tremendously amps of your total mind and body performance). 

One of the key attributes that puts CoreForce Energy in a league of its own is that it shows you step-by-step how to blueprint your energy by seeing it clearly, hearing it, and feeling it on every level kinesthetically, visually, and auditorily.

With these cutting-edge vibrational energy blueprinting, breathing patterns, and emotional attunement optimization techniques, you rapidly gain access to your fullest muscular strength, inner genius, creativity, and true mastery levels.

This Is Your Secret Weapon to Bridge the Gap
Between Mediocrity To Mastery

The highly amplified electrical synapses generated by your new inner conversations and electrially charged synapses then boost your internal and physical results dramatically.  

This is why it's so profoundly effective and fast.

With game-changing techniques in your hands, they quickly and instantaneously transform every way you move, think, speak, and are perceived by others. 

These will vastly improve any physical action, sport, or activity you do.

Imagine being able to switch on at WILL massively charged energy, strength, personal power, and many other word-class attributes listed on this page.

Now You Can Access Your Other 90% Of
Raw Power And Innate Genius, Any Time You Choose


Why Would I Know Anything About This?
Who Am I?

Hi and thanks for spending time with me here. I'm Garin Bader and in addition to being the creator of this Mastery Skills Breakthrough System, I'm an award-winning concert pianist, gold medalist in 13 international competitions, recording artist, composer, and master illusionist. I know that sounds like a crazy combination! 

But you'll soon see how those all gave me very uncommon insights for you to attain mastery on many levels.

Since age 7, I also trained and excelled in many martial arts in different styles and have gained expertise in many different disciplines including sculpting and painting.

Prominent strength training magazines have featured my articles numerous times  about attaining the mastery skill concepts I'm detailing here.

Throughout my career, I've been blessed to perform around the world and many of the finest concert halls including Carnegie Hall, the London Palladium, to Las Vegas show rooms where I do performances that combine my virtuoso piano playing, original illusions, martial arts, painting, and engaging storytelling all at the same time in a highly acclaimed theatrical show.

I tell you these things not to brag but so you can see that I have extensive real world experience and expertise in many fields from sports to business to theatrical presentations of all kinds. 

Be World-Class Quickly At Whatever You Choose

Too many people freely accept the saying that you can't have equal mastery in many areas. HOGWASH.

I can show you how to you don't have to settle for being a jack of all trades but a master of ALL that you desire.

The truth is you were born with extraordinary genius and abilities with you just waiting for you to unlock the door and let them all out. You really have no idea of the phenomenal things you're capable of in a short amount of time. 

Unfortunately, for lack of belief in this and efficient methods that can accelerate mastery skills and confidence, most people greatly diminish the quality of their lives by never even attempting to do the very things that would give them great joy, increased income, and could possibly inspire thousands.

Equally as sad is that too many buy into the idea that hard work and persistence are the most important things to continue to do even though they get mediocre or even flatlining results year after year. They think that's normal.

Many believe that world-class mastery skills only belong to special people that are always much more special than themselves.  I stupidly bought into all these things for many years too....

Until I started thinking differently... and finally stumbled upon a system that superbly accelerates mastery skills in almost every area of life.


Make no mistake though, getting these mastery skill levels certainly did not come easy for me even though I was fortunate as a kid to have studied quite a few arts and had some wonderful teachers...

Seeing me today on magazine covers or in performances around the world, most people would not guess that I was a very shy, weak, and nerdy looking kid with glasses.

Unfortunately, that made me the prime target for bullies and gang members that were prevalent in my hometown close to a military base were even bringing police dogs into the classroom hardly raised an eyebrow. 

Then, one day it happened, I got pounded by seven gang members right on the school grounds. Even though it lasted less than a minute and I wasn't hurt badly, it was extremely humiliating. Soon after, I begged my parents to take up karate lessons and thus began my lifelong passion with martial arts training and physical fitness.

There was no way I was going to be humiliated like that again and was determined to break out of my shell of timidness and weakness!

I was so darned basket case shy then that I never went to my junior or senior proms or social events. Sadly, years later I found out that the two girls I was too afraid to ask out actually had a crush on me! My physical and athletic abilities were awkward to say the least and it was commonplace for me to begin stuttering at the thought of having to speak in front of crowds larger than two.  


Then one day I heard scientists say that we only use 5-10% of our brain and physical powers – which obviously means, that's up to 90% that we don't utilize at all! To me that was CRAZY!

What a colossal waste! Don’t you think?! Wow, all you have to do is find this magical doorway...

But the big question is HOW?!

This all inspired me to begin devouring every self growth book I could get my hands on hoping to break out of my shell once and for all. Thus too began the scouring through hundreds of fitness courses of all kinds for anything that could help me gain strength to get stronger and faster.

To leapfrog to a new level of success you have to do things entirely different, feel different, and think completely different thoughts from the ways that got you where you currently are.

So instead of following the crowd who were using methods that were just way too slow for my desires, I started trying to think differently looking for the best and fastest ways to unlock your other 90% of SuperMind and SuperBody.

Isn't it time to think and act differently and rid yourself of the straight jacket that's limiting all your beliefs and super abilities?

My question is why choose to remain as a Clark Kent or Lois Lane when you can learn to wake up you inner super human Today!


The Mastery Breakthrough System that Empowers You To
Shatter The Glass Ceiling That’s Holding You Back In Every Area

Only after decades of training and experimenting with just about everything under the sun, running into mostly nonsense answers, hype, and rehashed tired methods, I stumbled upon the enormous shortcuts and breakthrough mental and physical hacks that I reveal here.

Now all these secrets I searched my entire life for are revealed for you in the mastery skills breakthrough system I call CoreForce Energy.

Little did I know as it turns out, the cross-pollination of having trained in the many different disciplines of music, art, weight lifting, and martial arts all at the same time turned out to be the very KEY ingredients that  gave my mind new insights into how to think and move drastically different.

Discovering the commonalities between all these seemingly unrelated arts and disciplines and properly combining them in the right ways, allowed me to achieve highly accelerated mastery skills and personal power. 

ONLY from this unique perspective did the unique insights evolve into how to better optimize your mind, body, and spirit connection differently so that you too can unlock the vast resources and power of your super mind and body.

The BREAKTHROUGH for Mastery Acceleration...

The breakthrough concepts of CoreForce Energy were very slow to evolve and came at great cost of crushing disappointmentsand flatlining results for many years.

It was only upon finally truly understanding how to optimally blueprint energy on every spectrum, I began learning difficult skills in amazingly short periods of time with much greater mental focus, technical mastery, creativity, and connection to others.

So many things that were painstakingly challenging previously improved speedily.

My body became almost instantly more athletically powerful, energized, supple, and freakishly stronger all at the same time. The typical unneeded physical and mental tension was fading away without trying to relax in any way. Hmmm, is Effortless Mastery really possible?


Quantum Leap Mastery Skills

It was exhilarating to finally be experiencing profoundly improved results in almost everything that had evaded me for so many years. 

The phenomenal results I was finally getting almost effortlessly told me I had finally stumbled upon the KEYS to bridging that huge gap into the other 90% I'd been endlessly searching for.

You SHOULD COMPLETELY EXPECT fast and impressive when mind, body, and spirit are truly synergized and working together! Right OR Right?!

I was experiencing such amazing that I began hungrily diving deeper into how all the arts intertwine even more.

Thus, after many years of struggle and experimenting and integrating these ideas with the latest discoveries neuroscience, kinesiology, and many other areas, the result is a system that empowers you to quantum leap your mastery skills and personal power. Hence...

CoreForce Energy: The Key to Quantum Leaping Your Mastery Skills.

My life was changed forever by all these ideas and it’s exactly why I’m so excited to share these secrets with you so you too can reach the dreams that mean so much to you!


Access Raw Power, Energy, And Your Inner Genius, Any Time you Choose

CoreForce Energy will immediately have you begin moving with greater organically powerful movement.

Your body's structural integrity is vastly improved right from the start which makes you instantly stronger throughout every millisecond of movement.

It gives you an almost unheard of 3D strength at any angle - which is a huge advantage especially for sports where maximum fluid power is essentially even if you've been knocked off balance.

It also initiates huge changes in your body language for non-athletic activities. With both power and grace you appeal to both men and women at the same time with a new resonance and impact.

 Even your vocal resonance changes and all these things give you much deeper vibrational communication and influencing connections between others whether it be one-on-one or with large audiences. A new effortless mastery emerges in many areas. 

When all your cylinders are firing optimally, things can be much more effortless as you discover in CoreForce Energy.




However, without the right know how and energetic synergy between your SuperMind Body and enhanced emotional attunement, you’ll be forever struggling with subpar results and continue to see only rare glimpses into this supreme realm of possibilities!

CoreForce Energy is a complete paradigm shift from traditional human potential, strength, or mental training courses and completely ground breaking. The breakthrough methods of CoreForce Energy catapult you into that other 90% realm where your true genius and inner super human reside.

The phenomenal results you achieve have nothing to do with hypnosis, subliminal training, positive thinking and are definitely NOT rehashed mental and physical performance methods that you've seen a hundred times on Youtube or the internet.

You see this is how I've been able to master so many things in so many diversified areas. Now you can too! What really thrills me is to hear stories from clients who had this technology in their hands a lot earlier on in their lives and to hear their fantastic succes. Isn't that what life is about, passing your best tools on to make others better than you?

With certainty, you can expect results that are powerful, profound, FAST, and proven.

My question to you is do you want to continue to take the slow road with conventional methods and unproven theories OR do you want to fast track to mastery skills and success with something that'll accelerate you towards your dreams much faster?


If you’re already passionate about a physical activity that you’re doing right now you want to rocket up to the next level of being world-class as quickly cutting off 5 to 10+ years off any traditional training, this is definitely for you. This is huge!

Time is something you can never get back.

Let me help you get there with the very best tools I know.

Today you have the opportunity to discover how to be master and commander of your energy, strength, and become a dynamic communicator of personal power on many levels with uber creative three ­dimensional thinking and moving.

It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or advanced in your chosen field, this system is designed to help you become the best version of yourself in the quickest possible way - whether you’re an athlete, artist, coach, speaker, performer of any kind, mother, chef, biz exec, to the average Joe or Jane.

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, young or older, and just wanting to supercharge and renew the power, effortless movement, and energy of your younger years to ignite a whole new world of energy and strength.

Even if you feel that your physical limitations, disabilities, age, or health issues keep you from living up to what you feel is your maximum potential. Many handicapped and and older clients have fantastically improved the quality of their lives with greater strength, mobility, and inspired vitality and creativity.

One of the most amazing things about this trailblazing mind body technology is that it’s so universal, you can easily integrate effectively to supercharge almost every aspect of your life and training.

So I'm confident you'll be able to quickly see huge improvements that will vastly improve your mobility and quality of life no matter who you are.

The  Power of CoreForce Energy Is Universal &
Can Be Applied to ANY SPORT, Exercise, or Activity

Want Instant Strength Too?

Immediately after you will have instant access to the Entire CoreForce Energy Training Area

 Everything You're Getting:

12 Online Modules Jam-packed With 6+ Hours Of Video
Training, Mindmaps, Pdf's, And Lot's More


  • Instant Full access to the exclusive CoreForce Energy Training Area where you will find 12 Modules of 50+ comprehensive bite-sized online video coaching lessons to guide you to reach maximum peak performance in record time in whatever physical activity you do - from any sport to playing musical instruments to speaking and performing in public or getting things done faster with unstoppable energy. You’ll see fast results with 6+ hours of bite-sized videos taking you by the hand...step-by-step. You can access the content from any computer or mobile device.detailed strength training and performance enhancing videos, mindmaps, audios, and PDF’s. I am passionate about your success, and learning in short daily segments has been proven to help escalate mental focus and generate the quickest implementation and success.

  • Additional short, ultra-effective follow-along workout videos include innovative kinetic isometric exercises that focus on giving you strength at any angle - real 3D strength - that will dramatically improve your muscular power, energy, and mental focus. These workouts recruit more muscle fibers to increase your strength fast. You can even download these to your smartphone or tablet to take to the gym or favorite place to train outdoors.

  • Bodyweight energizing strength training exercises exclusive to CoreForce Energy that elevate 3D strength, flexibility, and total body integration all at the same time. You’ll feel a surge of invigorating energy and power throughout your entire body right after the first set. They integrate your full body strength like nothing you’ve seen before.
  • Voice and body language enhancing modules give you dynamic personal power and command and influence over your audiences or business meetings. You’ll discover how your voice blueprinting and the proprietary RPM Power Breath Protocol immediately changes the structural integrity of your body that also instantly makes you incredibly strong but also fluidly masterful in your movements.

  • Tips, exact exercises, and detailed instructions that will empower you to do Bruce Lee's famous 2 finger push ups as well as other super strength feats from bodyweight strength to kettlebells to weight lifting. You will also discover exactly how to direct this kind of focused and extreme power to amp up your strength and energy and apply them into whatever you do.

  • One full year of upgrades, videos, and all downloads.

  • 30  day personal email access to me to ask any questions whatsoever regarding your training. Many programs simply have no support mechanism or leave you with no way to contact them once you've purchased a product. When you invest in CoreForce Energy, I’m committed to help you succeed the fastest way possible and I take great pride in helping others achieve success in things they once thought were “impossible”.


Custom Workout Videos: Custom pre-workout mental imagery and emotional attunement optimizing videos designed to give you game-changing mental focus, energy, and maximum muscular strength all at the same time.

These are perfect for business or sports performance enhancements. Many athletes have significantly increased their muscular strength and speed immediately after first viewing. In fact, many who have come to my live seminars or done my online private coaching on Skype have also 2X'd their weight loads and results ~immediately after first viewing.

These videos alone took 8 months to create and which include original music(composed by myself), engaging vocal instructions, animation, and custom video animations and graphics.

They show you exactly how to blueprint your energy and focus. You’ll be able to easily see, hear, and feel it with such clarity that you can instantly tap into the kind of raw power and intense mental focus champions access every day.


Additional Bonus Videos: Reveal how CoreForce Energy enables you to be stronger and move with far greater ease and efficiency reducing pain immensely even when you’re injured.

Everyday practical applications show you how to climb stairs with a renewed ease and minimal effort with greatly diminished knee cracking and pain. You’ll see things like how to get out of bed with minimal pain even if your back has you almost completely immobilized.

There’s even a cool way of getting up off the floor with one powerful spiraled launch right from your fingertips if your back and knees are debilitated, and lots more. It almost looks like magic how effortless it is.

Moments from Now You Can Step Into
That Powerful Person You're Meant To Be

As you can see, I tried to make this as easy as possible for you including all the goodies and 30 day money back guarantee!

Once you click the order button, you’ll gain instant access to the entire elite CoreForce Energy online video training area where you will begin an amazing transformation by unlocking your other 90% that’ll dramatically accelerate mastery skills  and success whether you’re an athlete, performer, business exec, or artist of any kind.

Make no mistake, CoreForce Energy is unlike any mind focus instruction, strength training, peak performance training, high performance or human potential optimization course that you'll find anywhere.

This course has exclusive follow along exercises and workouts. So once you learn the foundational methods, you’ll be able to incorporate these powerful thought and movement concepts into literally Anything.

“If You Want a Real Game-Changer. This is It!”

Click the button below and begin your transformation today!


You're getting life-changing physical and mental “hacks” that took my entire life-time to gather and put into a system that will accelerate your success in almost every area of your life. Through many years, I’ve spent literally tens of thousands of dollars since my early teens on mastering the many different disciplines I’ve learned that eventually created this system.

Now you will be taken by the hand wth step-by-step instructions now to catapult yourself to a whole new level and eliminate years of struggle, mediocre results to flat-lining results. With this game-changing system, you can become truly become world-class in whatever you do. 

Way back in the 90’s I was paying $250 an hour just to learn elite training you'll hear about and was doing that twice a week! That was over a period of many years and only one of many of disciplines I studied. That doesn't even include seminars and exclusive conservatories of music, art, and martial arts coaching.

I really should be charging at least $2997.00 for this fully jam-packed life-changing course.

But I’m not going to do that because I want to make this offer exclusively available to change the life of as many people as possible - AND, as rapidly as possible…

The BIG Question Is. . .
Are You Ready To Get Unstuck and Become World-Class?

By now, you’ve read many testimonials on this site about high level athletes, performers, business people, and coaches who have given rave reviews for this mastery skills accelerator system. Isn’t it time for you to quantum leap your mastery skills?

By tomorrow at this time, you too could already be unlocking remarkable mastery skills in whatever physical activity you do and be accessing your buried inner super human strengths and abilities by clicking the button below.

This is your chance to totally transform yourself in 2017. The choice is up to you whether you want to take the fast track to mastery with CoreForce Energy or take the slow road. Your choice.

While you have this highly discounted price at your fingertips, I highly encourage you to take advantage of it before this big discount is no longer valid...

The Risk is on Me
You have a full 30 day money-back guarantee.

Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free

IIf you don't absolutely love what you see inside and feel yourself making rapid changes, you can simply ask for your money back within 30 days with absolutely no hassle. You basically have everything to gain and nothing to lose. How often can you say that in life?

 In the online world these days, you can’™t always be sure of the value and quality of products. I get that. 

So if for any reason CoreForce Energy doesn’™t work out for you, just contact me within 30 days of purchase and if you feel it isn’t the right fit, I’™ll promptly refund all your money. 

It’™s that simple.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re frustrated with your current results and know you’re only scratching the surface of your full potential…
  • If you have invested hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on mental focus and human potential courses, traditional strength training programs, and even with all of those you still feeling you’re advancing way too slowly and want to experience a quantum leap to having mastery skills...
  • If you want to exponentially improve: 

    • ANY sport you do (from golf to martial arts to baseball, etc.)
    • ANY presentation or performing art (from speaking to audiences with influence to playing musical instruments and dancing with unheard of technical virtuosity and connection to your listeners)
    • ANY exercise whether it be weightlifting, aerobics, or bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, etc.

      The list is almost endless and limited only by your imagination

Don’t spend another moment of your life spinning your wheels in the slow lane when you can begin skyrocketing your results right from the very first training session.




Remember, no matter what level of expertise you are at right now, this system will totally transform you in many areas. You’re barely scratching the surface of your full potential…

Of course, you already know you're capable of whole LOT more or you wouldn’t be reading this right now looking for much better results and increased productivity.



"This is a game-changing mastery skill accelerator like no other."




Get a full one coaching session LIVE with me on Skype webcam. $1095 VALUE

This will NOT be offered again ad gratis.


Stop spinning your wheels doing things the hard way...this is your access key to world-class mastery.

Allow me to help you Accelerate into your FULL potential!. I look forward to seeing you on the other side!


Garin Bader
Creator and Founder of
CoreForce Energy

PS. Still feeling on the fence and maybe even skeptical about getting these phenomenal results? I won’t blame you one bit if you’re feeling a bit apprehensive especially with all the wild unbacked claims you’ve seen on the internet.

The truth is I would be to if I had not discovered this mastery accelerator system so many years ago myself and tested and proven its amazing effectiveness not only on myself but on thousands of clients. Go ahead and read more raving testimonials, check out my about page to see if I actually can do what I say I can do, and then Give CoreForce Energy 2 a try. I think you’ll be Very Happy You did! 


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Access Freakish Strength

Men and women agree CoreForce Energy gives you strength you’ve never experienced before so fast. Join the elite athletes and professional coaches that use this system to dramatically upgrade their strength to levels they never thought possible. Read the reviews of what they’re saying about this revolutionary strength training program…

Get Unparalleled Speed

CoreForce Energy opens up new avenues of speed and power by showing you exactly how to blueprint and optimize your energy, movement, and breathing patterns for total efficiency and power. No matter your age, gender, or conditioning, you can easily tap into your ultimate human potential quickly with never before taught techniques that fuse your mind and body together with complete synergy…

Harness Unreal Power 

What would you feel like if you were 10x more powerful than you ever imagined? Imagine unleashing supreme power already hidden inside you in a few short days or hours. Core Force Energy shows you how with cutting-edge peak performance training techniques you won’t find anyplace else. Think how incredible it would be to unlock phenomenal Bruce Lee like strength, speed, and raw power…now you can!

Switch On
Incredible Energy 

Ever wanted to have more energy? Energy to burn when others are stopped in their tracks with fatigue and tension. Accelerate your abilities to quickly master almost any physical skill set and unlock creativity that far exceeds your wildest expectations - opening up your "inner Leonardo Da Vinci

“As soon as you tap into your other 90%
a Pandora'™s box of possibilities opens up.”


  1. This program is NOT for you if you think that you'll be able to obtain mastery skill levels, unreal strength, and be able to unlock your ultimate human potential without any work or serious training and application of this life-changing technology.

    Even with you having proven mastery acceleration methods in your hands, you still need to open your mind and make a commitment to train and apply this technology.

    CoreForce Energy will show you how to make dramatic changes that will absolutely transform your life and mastery abilities on many levels. You’ll have instant access to cutting edge things that 99% of people have no idea about. Some of them are counterintuitive, never-before-heard, and plain shocking. But YOU need to DO the work and make the changes! If you’re not, then this is not for you.

  2. If you are one of those people that like to buy stuff on the internet and then never look at what you bought or train with half a heart… also please don't waste your money or time. I’m committed to your success and I want you to be too!

Remember, you don't GROW inside your "comfort zone".

Read what Einstein said about “Insanity”...

"So please," ONLY order if you're willing to come into this with an open mind and the eagerness to make dramatic changes. You can’t jump to a new level by thinking the same thoughts and doing the same things you always have done. Come in with a solid commitment to think differently and try new things with an empty cup and enthusiasm and I’ll handle the rest to help you achieve things you never thought possible.

IMPORTANT: In order to become the exceptional person you want to be with totally new upgraded abilities and power, you MUST be willing to upgrade and entirely change your current thinking and training. For you to become something completely different than what you are, you will need to transform how you move, how you think, how you feel, how you hear, how you breathe, etc.



Discover How To Finally

Harness All Your Body And Mind’s Latent Potential, Almost Immediately

  • Get Super Strong in Record Time
  • Move Crowds
  • Bruce-Lee Like Power
  • Improve Energy
  • Sell More
  • Connect & Turn On Your Partner
  • Unlock Your Creative Genius
  • Become a Master of Anything - Go From Novice to Master Rapidly

By Incorporating Cutting-Edge Neuroscience and Breakthrough Peak Performance Training Techniques, Find Out How CoreForce Energy (CFE) Is Your Short-Cut To Supercharging Your Ability to Accelerate Mastery Skills, Strength, Mental Focus, Creativity for Anything you do!



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