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Bruce Lee's training and revolutionary strength blueprintHey Guys, if you want to get stronger fast and discover extraordinary techniques of Bruce Lee's training for awesome power, my buddy Ben Bergman of his great PowerandMight Blog. He is the owner and writer for this very popular blog on strength training. Below is an interview he did with me asking #10 questions that’ll give you some great cutting edge strength training techniques you can start using right away.

Our interview went for over 2 hours with a lot of great content. This video with Q&A #1 is about 15 minutes and I encourage you to check it out if you want to get stronger fast!

Here's a video of the 1st question on his list that'll give you great insights into what makes the CoreForce Energy training so revolutionary and why it gives you such explosive strength and speed so fast.

Discover Bruce Lee's Training Energy Blueprint

You'll also see right away why Bruce Lee's training and energy blueprint for creating massive power was such a huge paradigm shift for generating extraordinary strength, speed, and endurance – and still is to this day.
Watch this very revealing interview now!



If you want to get stronger fast and discover a few of Bruce Lee's training methods that gave him his legendary explosive power, press the play button now. There's a ton of actual training ideas in this 15 minute interview that you can start using right away that’ll help you and this 1st question in this 10 part interview.


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Too old, too tight, spare tire or aches and pains? Do you want to get 6 pack abs and move like a kid again? You can and here’s how…

Other than getting older, the rest of the choices above are most likely the symptoms and not the cause…

Most of us were born with amazing flexibility, an appropriate ratio of body fat and able to recover from bumps and bruises at lightning speed.

What happened and can it be reversed? Is it possible to get abs that are a full 6 pack even if you’re over 35, 40, 50? Absolutely!

The answer is actually really simple, starting with the first day we are sent to school our body starts a slow decline into a sedentary lifestyle.

The more we sit, the worse we get…

Sound familiar?

If you have kids, and they're anything like mine, you know that they rarely stop moving! Running, jumping and climbing over, around and through just about anything that gets in their way and enjoying every minute of it.

The really tough part about this is that as we age and take on more responsibility at work and home, the amount of time that we have to “move like a kid” is typically one of the first things that we

The good news is that with targeted movements are what that stimulate the same response in your bady, as play does with kids, you can see a huge increase in mobility, substantial reduction in body fat and “move like a kid” again, all in a fraction of the time that you'd think it would take.

This is an abs workout like no other and you’ll really be rewarded by the concepts and techniques you’ll learn here.

If your belly isn't as flat as you'd like or your feeling older than you really are than you are, for one reason or another, you have to check out this new website from Dr. James Vegher that explains his 3
“core movements” that will help you:

You CAN Move Like a Kid Again, click here and learn how…

Here's to turning back the clock! Check out these tried and proven abdominal exercises that really give you core strength and amazing the freedom of movement of a kid once again.

Yours in Strength and Success,

Creator of CoreForce Energy

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I'm excited to write you today about and extraordinary strength training colleague who is releasing a limited run on his phenomenal mental toughness secrets.

Your mind is where everything starts to make you very successful in whatever you do or completely debilitates you and destroys any good that ever comes your way.

Transform Yourself Like This With
Mental Toughness Secrets

Without a doubt, improving your mental game can be the difference-maker if you want to shed fat, become successful, super strong, and transform your life into all that you dream of.

Positive self talk is absolutely essential if you want to succeed. Many of of do this daily but then almost a few seconds later, we completely obliterate the good it could have done with negativity.

We don't even realize this process is happening. But, it we did and could stop the negativity from ever appearing and wrecking havoc on our dreams, then we'd be succeeding at a much faster clip.

We're all guilty of this process. This is one of the reasons we end up sabotaging ourselves on a daily basis.

This is why it’s important to discover exact steps to stop sabotaging yourself with real world mental toughness secrets. Check it out by clicking here.

This is one of the main reasons that all my life I've constantly searched out great leaders in the mind body connection realm to find shortcuts to unlocking the unlimited potential that's buried inside all of us.

Unfortunately, most people don't even know where to start to develop mental toughness.

Every day we're building powerful anchors that either empower our abilities or they end up disempowering us altogether.

These powerful accelerators are dramatically affecting us every single day. Unfortunately, most of the time we're not even conscious that they're affecting us so deeply.

You've probably experienced this many times before where you're listening to the radio and all of a sudden a song comes on and the next moment you're energized and your whole body begins moving almost by itself because this particular song brings up powerful memories where you felt Great and highly empowered.

In this instance, the song is an anchor to you feeling Great.

Well, an Anchor is any stimulus that can trigger a particular psychological state. A song on the radio is just one example of a psychological anchor.

Anchors occur throughout all of our sensory channels (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory [taste] and olfactory [smell]) in an almost infinite number of ways and we can harness them to completely transform our lives.

All you need is the mental toughness secrets. 

Well, here's good news, I'd like to introduce you to an extraordinary man, Mike Gillette, who can give you a step by step guide to how to unlock the powers of your mind to their fullest extent.

He's someone whose absolutely walks his talk. He was one of the smallest and weakest kids in his class who grew up in a household over- whelmed by domestic violence and substance abuse.

Yet, he overcame all this to become a real life action hero.

You see…

Mike grew up in a home filled with domestic violence.

The adults in his life made him feel weak and worthless – knocked down time and time again from a very early age.


 Finally, after being knocked down further than most could ever stand, he managed to overcome it by following 3 critical steps below that turned him into one of the toughest men you'll ever meet:

  • An army paratrooper
  • A SWAT commander
  • A member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame
  • A counter-terrorism consultant to the Department of Homeland Security
  • A bodyguard to Fortune 500 executives and film stars, like Sylvester Stallone, and…
  • A record-setting strongman who has been featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Guinness World Records
  • He’s also been an in-demand tactical trainer for a literal alphabet soup of elite government agencies – FBI, DEA, DHS and TSA.


But it wasn’t always this way.

Believe it or not, he used to be small. Weak.

And he was afraid of EVERYTHING.

Then he developed his:

Three Steps of Mastering mental toughness.

No matter what your goals are in life, EVERYBODY needs to
be mentally tough in today’s day and age.

Now you can learn from the one of the best. Find out more about these amazing mental toughness techniques.

I highly recommend this and urge you to check him out today for this special he's offering you.

Keep strong.

Your coach and friend,

Creator and Founder of CoreForce Energy