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Why You Need Hamstring Stretches and Hip Flexibility


Hamstring stretches are very important to do for flexibility, mobility, and give stability to the lower body.

Having tight hamstrings can lead to lower back pain and tight hips. Your lumbar spine is directly affected by the actions of the hip flexors and hamstrings.

It’s rare to have chronically tight hamstring muscles and NOT suffer from pain in the lumbar region. Tight hip flexors and tight hamstrings work in tandem to create lower back pain and knee pain.

Having tight hamstrings can inhibit you from not only having ideal mobility but also drains you of achieving your optimal energy and strength in any sports activity or exercise.

These are some of the reasons why it's important to do hamstring stretches.

So, today, I just created a video for you that will help you tremendously in creating greater flexibility in your hamstring stretches.

Make sure you try it out and really follow the instruction listening very carefully to the way that you speak and breathe into your body’s muscle fibers and tendons. This may sound strange at first until you try it.

Speak and Breathe Through Your Hamstring Stretches

You will be absolutely astounded that when you start speaking out loud and breathe through the words you are saying with your actions of doing the hamstring stretches like I described, yourHamstring stretches flexibility will improve almost instantaneously.

The techniques I show you in this video will help you stretch farther in your hamstring stretches by loosening up the muscles in a completely unique way.

I'd really like you to try and check it out and let me know your thoughts. Please don't just watch it without trying all of these techniques.

You should see improvements in your stretching right away.

These hamstring stretches will help you unlock your tight hips. As I described in yesterday's email to you, it's important to learn how to unlock your tight hips because it can instantly boost your speed and power. 

“Having tight hips and tight hamstrings
is like driving with the brakes on.”

I highly encourage you to check out the 3-D Hip Flexibility Solution. I have purchased this course myself and can tell you that it is solid and full of great information that will help you transform tightness into fluid movement and power.

If you weeks time when I come back from concert tour I will be hosting a live event online giving you some more tips. If you purchase through the link I have below and you notify me with your receipt, you will be my special VIP guest in a private coaching session. 


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To Your Strength & Flexibility,

Garin Bader
Creator of
The Super Strength Accelerator
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Having Tight Hips Is Like Driving
With The Brakes On

Do you know this? I actually didn't realize that having tight hips actually can prevent you optimizing your strength, speed, and power, for many years. Tight hips will also give you back pain, knee pain, and even neck pain.

I know, I had them all…

fix tight hips I spent quite a number of years in pain from my extensive training in all kinds of martial arts and crazy stunts which gave me very tight hips. 

From this, my tight hip pain began extending down into my knees. A one particular time in my life for a couple years, it was very difficult for me to walk or for long periods of time. Actually the periods of time or sometimes just even 10 minutes without feeling a lot of pain in my knee.

Having Tight Hips Is Like Driving With The Brakes On

Then I discovered how to unlock my tight hip muscles and the pain started going away. Along with it disappearing, my strength, power, and speed began making great gains again and I could do things I hadn’t done in years.

It’s all gone now but here’s something important…

The thing is though the relief has very little to do with doing static stretching. If you're doing this alone, it can be one of the worst things you can do to unlock your hips.

The “Hidden” Secret Keeping Your Tight Hips…

In his book “The Science of Flexibility”, author Michael Alter reveals data showing that tight muscles aren’t the biggest factor limiting our flexibility.Tight Hip Flexibility Solution
As you can see, both muscles and fascia are second to the joint capsule, which provides 47% of the restriction to our flexibility. Conventional static stretches DON’T address the joint capsule, making it very likely that all the time and effort we spend doing them is a total WASTE!

A trainer that I highly respect, Eric Wong, created some extraordinary training that he calls 3D Flexibility System. In it, he addresses the joint capsule removing this huge block that keeps your hips locked up. In addition, you'll also discover 9 different flexibility factors which will change your mobility, fluidity, and strength enormously.

Unlock Your Tight Hips Using This Unique Protocol

It took many trial and errors until I got something working for me. Yes, for years I did static stretching myself hoping to relieve my tight hips, but that didn't seem to help that much until I discovered just the right ingredients to relieve me of my pain and increase my flexibility at the same time.

But now you don't have to go through all of that grief because I’d like to introduce you to a new 3D flexibility system that will not only make you unlock your hips but it can relieve your back pain, knee pain, and even neck pain.  

Do this and like me, when your hips are finally unlocked, you’ll be getting MUCH better results from your workouts straight away. I bought the program myself and I'm telling you it's solid and has many things I wasn't doing that I immediately added to my own training.

Here's a way to unlock your hips in as little as 7 days


Garin Bader
Creator of CoreForce Energy
The Super Strength Accelerator

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Piano Relaxation Music To Help Your
Workout Recovery

Relaxation music is a very valuable tool for helping you recover faster from your strenuous workouts and there's a ton of scientific research backing this all up. 

Some of you know me only as the creator of CoreForce Energy, the super strength training accelerator, but don't know me as a concert pianist, recording artist, and composer – as well as a magician and illusionist. So, please check out a link to my Garin Bader Pandora radio station with this link or on your mobile device so you can hear my original piano compositions of relaxing music that's inspirational, romantic, and passionate all at the same time. 

Not all the songs on this station are mine but every original song I created myself was inspired by a true life emotionally charged story. Being able to visualize the action in the songs is a great tool to transport your mind away from stress.

Every song was inspired by a true life emotionally charged story. You can find all those stories and my music on my other website that is devoted to my entertainer side of my career. When you visit this website, you will also see how I combine magic illusions with my piano playing and story telling that I tour around the world doing.

You can read the stories, listen to some relaxation music, and see video of my magic/piano shows as well as well. Visit 

 Garn Bader Relaxation music


I'm excited for you to have a listen to my own music though and hear your feedback. Pandora picks songs to mix with mine so I have no control over what relaxation music they select to go with mine.

Please make sure to share the love with your friends and like my piano relaxation music and Pandora Station. Enjoy!