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Build Unparalleled Muscular Strength

What would it be like for you to gain strength each time you work out, the next 7 times you lift? Have you ever hit a plateau lifting? What if you could smash through your sticking point in your very next lift? With the unique breathing and cutting-edge mental training within CoreForce Energy, your body taps into the massive unconscious strength levels most only access in times of extreme emergencies. Yet, with CoreForce Energy you can access newfound incredible strength at will. Simply turn it on!

Super Strength Bodyweight Training

Want the physique of a Greek God or Goddess? And the strength and agility of an Olympic Gymnast? With the unique and sometimes unheard of bodyweight training adaptions within Core Force Energy, you’ll find yourself stripping fat in days instead of weeks. In fact, most over age 40 agree, one can drop 3-4% body fat and explode energy levels while using Core Force Energy for only 2 weeks.

Want Unrivaled MMA Strength and Martial Arts Power?

Want to strike so devastatingly hard that your opponent is so badly shaken after your first hit that they know they’ve already lost or been knocked out? How would it feel to launch punches and kicks as fast and non-telegraphing as a cobra’s strike and with the crushing power of a freight train? What if I told you you could do all this at any angle with Matrix-like balance? Well, you can with the breakthrough mind/body union master with Core Force Energy training. You can instantly unleash devastating lethal and crushing power against your opponents for cage fighting or against those who intend to harm you and your loved ones. Learn to hit them 17 times on just one breath!

Balance Training for Matrix-movie-like Strength at Any Angle

The advantages you’d have for any athletic or combat sport would be enormous if your feet could feel like they are attached to the ground with suction cups and your body could move with 3D Matrix-like balance, flexibility, and yet still being able to execute maximum strength at any angle. It’s an athlete’s dream and would empower you to excel in any sport into an entirely new league. CoreForce Energy quickly unlocks these abilities and more with its breakthrough strength training systems and extreme balance technique protocols that will have your competitors scratching their heads in disbelief as they’re left in the dust.

Transformantional Strength Training For Women

Women especially, quickly grasp and begin utilizing the massive Chi energy enhancing powers CoreForce Energy gives them. When their innate intuitive and emotional connection to their energy and instinctive organic connection to their bodiesIs is combined with the revolutionary super strength training techniques of CoreForce Energy, they’re able to dramatically improve their strength, speed, and energy. This amazing synergy brings forth a panther-like presence oozing with raw power, sleekness, and agility. Many women say the training makes them feel like a legendary warrior queen, not just becuase of the intense acceleration in their strength, power, and self-confidence, but also for it’s ability to keenly enhance their energy and full feminine presence. It has especially wicked results when applied to self-defense and becomes a woman’s secret weapon because it enables many to double and triple their strength and speed within a few days with this extraordinary training. You’ll find guys shaking their head at how strong you’ve become and asking, “How did you get so Powerful, so fast?!”

Achieve Unwavering Mental Focus & Creativity

Leonardo DaVinci was considered one of the most creative people in all of human history. He invented machines, tools and works of art which have been marveled for centuries. What if you could now apply breakthrough thinking like DaVinci to expand your creativity and artistic expression with calm relaxed focus. And get into that mood any time you choose. The advanced Core Force Energy mental peak performance techniques will show you how by revealing exactly how to fuse together all hemispheres of your brain to work in harmony with the synergy of your most empowering emotions and new ways of moving.

Add Massive Distance to Your Golf Swing Fast

Imagine having instant ability to crank up another 20 or 30 yards to your tee shots. And to do it like the pros do with pure, effortless power! Core Force energy has a product custom made for golfers who want to play effortless golf, shoot the lowest scores of their life and do it all with a level of joy you’ve never experienced before. Try it and you’ll see how Effortless Power Golf has created a new paradigm in high level golf.