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CoreForce Energy Gold Member Peak Performance Coaching System

The Gold Member Peak Performance member’s area is filled with proprietary video, audio and written coaching sessions, newsletters and ongoing articles to help you unlock that other 95% of human potential that’s locked inside you. The cutting-edge peak performance training techniques you’ll find in CoreForce Energy will help you achieve your power zenith for any sport or activity dramatically accelerating your strength and speed.

You get immediate access to video, audio, personal commentary of the lessons as well as an extensive workbook. You will find a large array of videos showing you how to apply CoreForce Energy from body weight exercises to weight lifting; from martial arts to dance; from gymnastics to various other extreme sports acceleration exercises that are exclusive to the CoreForce Energy superhuman strength training program.

Currently, there are over 102 videos you will have access as they are dripped out over a 2 month period. Questions are answered personally as well as new videos are often added to demonstrate the huge array of applications.

Your Strength and Speed Will Improve Massively

I don’t pay lip service to that statement. It is literally impossible to complete Whole Mind Golf coaching system and not perform way, WAY better then you ever have before.

The Peak Performance Gold member’s area is a bona-fide, proven, cutting edge, and completely original peak performance coaching process that will transform your strength, speed, and balance like nothing else can. This training uses breakthrough techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. You will be transformed. Guaranteed!

While my coaching does create amazing results, making claims that you and everyone using my processes will double your strength and be able to lift cars or other superhuman feats of strength in just a few short days would be a ridiculous claim. Most people have fantastic desires but lack the will, persistence, and mental acuity to work hard to achieve the high levels they seek.

This Peak Performance Gold members area is ONLY for those who are seeking to access the very highest levels of peak performance and are willing to open their minds to the cutting-edged techniques as well as work diligently to apply those principles seriously.

No Hype Needed

The fact you’re at a website like this and even reading these words suggests you are intelligent and are able to decide for yourself what is right for you. So I won’t insult your intelligence by saying “You’ll be able to do everything I demonstrate at completer mastery levels.”

The Peak Performance Gold member’s area is packed with coaching content designed for the real world and those who live in it…

If you want real, powerful and practical peak performance training techniques and coaching that isn’t fluff or “theoretical concepts and ideas” then becoming a member of the Peak Performance Gold coaching area will exceed your needs in the area of peak performance development. This is my open commitment to each and every athlete who invests their valuable time in applying my coaching methods in their sport and life.

Your game will never be the same, I assure you…


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