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One of the fastest ways I have found to achieve super strength is to incorporate super slow resistance training techniques into all my workouts.

Many conditioning and strength coaches are just now starting praise super slow training one of the quickest ways to increase strength and muscle tone.

I personally have incorporated super slow strength training techniques to my workouts for many years. Try my super strength negative training on this blog post for a sample of it.

I was originally was inspired to incorporate the idea of incorporating super slow training into my weight training and body weight exercises from having spent years of slow practice in cutting strokes with a katana ( long samurai sword).

Pinpoint Accuracy and Mental Focus Create Super Strength

The idea in that regard a simple — the straighter and more sure the blade is in its trajectory throughout the entire course of movement, the more powerful cutting blow will be. Slow cutting with a samurai sword was great training more many other aspects of both physical and mental focus. I immediately began applying super slow movements my weightlifting and found dramatic results almost immediately.

How does it work? One of the first things that you notice in applying this to your super strength training regime is that you will not be able to lift as much weight going at a slow pace.

I'm sure many guys will immediately balk at using less weight as it might endanger their fragile egos in a gym atmosphere. But if you're willing to take the weight back down, you'll immediately find that you'll need to recruit more actual muscle fibers to lift that weight for several reps.

More Muscle Fibers Fully Engaged = Super Strength

The more muscle fibers that you can fully contract the same time into their fullest extents, the greater muscular strength you'll be able to initiate.

Many enthusiasts believe slow workouts can cause more muscle damage which in turn can trigger your body's response mechanisms to build stronger muscles to accommodate greater demands and regenerate them with greater strength.

In CoreForce Energy, I not only advocate slow training, but also give you many powerful and unique concepts that allow you to engage not only more muscle fibers, but to engage them all at the precise times to engage the greatest structural and muscular integrity at all times throughout movements.

This alone immediately creates others would call superhuman strength — simply by doing what others fail to notice or utilize.

To your strength and mastery,

Garin Bader

P.S. Take the challange with the workout described on my blog post on super strength negative training and give my your comments. If you do this for a week, you'll watch your weights increase tremendously – even if you haven't been supercharged with all the powerful principles of CoreForce Energy.