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Women often don't train in the gym wanting to attain peak human strength and conditioning. However, as a women, you likely worry about being able to defend yourself against an attacker. Hopefully you will never be put into that type of situation, but if it ever were to arise, would you know what to do?

What if I told you with little effort you can ward off an attacker with your own strength? You won't have to spend hours in the gym or take expensive self defense courses to do so either.

All you need when working toward attaining peak human strength and conditioning is to visualize core force energy come in and go out through your arms, releasing from your fingers. With proper visualization efforts, you can increase your natural strength 3, 4, even 5 times within minutes when you know exactly how.Peak Human Strength and Conditioning of CoreForce Energy

Think of energy enter your hands as a source of light. As light extends, it becomes stronger and stronger. It's as though the light becomes an extension of your body, growing in strength, distance, and space. It almost creates a natural force field around you.

Imagine if you had a force field that protects you at all times. Now imagine this force field not only protects you but allows you to harness energy beyond your imagination. In my core force energy program, I teach you how to harness this energy so that you can become more powerful than every imagined.

It is a far greater value than a self defense course because it doesn't take months, just minutes, for you to learn life-saving techniques. To learn more, visit CoreForce Energy, and find out how to create a powerful mind body connection.