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CoreForce Energy Can Dramatically Improve Your Body Strength

Here's a video of even a skeptic dramatically improved his body strength after going through a few minutes of the cutting-edge super strength and mental focus techniques of CoreForce Energy and still was able to dramatically improve his strength in the bench press.

CoreForce Energy Will Improve Greatly Your Body Strength Quickly

In years of training hundreds of clients, I still haven't found any physical activity or sport that the powerful peak performance training principles of CoreForce Energy don't apply to. It's important to note that CoreForce Energy super strength concepts work to improve your body strength whether you do body weight exercises to weight lifting; or do martial arts to dancing.

There's nothing mystical about the concepts yet you will see dramatic improvement in your body strength and life when you begin fusing your mind and body together to unlock that other 95% of vast resources of power that scientists say we never use.

Isn't It Time to Unlock Your Ultimate Body Strength?

Everyone has vast powers that they're not using. But Not every knows how to use them or unlock them. If you want to unlock your ultimate body strength, superhuman strength, and speed to access your ultimate peak performance, then I encourage you to begin learning the powerful breakthrough concepts of CoreForce Energy.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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Here's the Big Difference of Muscular Strength vs. Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy

Hey, thanks for your interest in CoreForce Energy! Here's a video showing the massive difference between using muscular strength and the effortless power of CoreForce Energy.

Check out what Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy looks like when striking a 300 lb dummy filled with sand, rock, and water.

You'll see the tremendous difference between using muscular strength vs the Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy.

Here's Why Muscular Strength is Less Powerful than the Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy

Although CoreForce Energy can be used for any sport or activity and for accelerating the expression and virtuoso technique of a musical performance to speaking in front of an audience with greater stage presence, here is where I show you how powerful it can be with little effort once you understand the principles in a punching demo.

Using Effortless Power not only can double your muscular strength quickly, but it also helps prevent injury simply because it reduces the jarring motions that always accompanies muscular strength. You'll see there's hardly any telegraphing and this Effortless Power translates immediately into increased muscular strength and endurance simply because you're not working against yourself with undue muscular tension.

If you want peak performance training, this system will give you a ton of benefits by fusing mind and body together with cutting-edge techniques.

Coreforce Energy Increases Your Muscular Strength Quickly and Makes You Strong At Any Angle

CoreForce Energy gives you super strength at any angle because throughout every millisecond of the movement, you have complete structural integrity that puts the full force of your body energy into every movement instead of the other way with muscular strength where there is usually only one place of true structural integrity which is at point of impact.

Muscular strength makes you fight against yourself physically and mentally. It's slow, angular, telegraphs, prone to increasing injuries, and puts undue strain on your cardiovascular.

You can do things the old and inefficient way using muscular strength OR you can begin using the Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy. Check it out and get one-on-one coaching for free.

Make a comment or ask questions if you'd like as I respond to all my mail personally.

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader


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Check out this new video of my unique piano show with magic illusions. It's one of the shows I perform around the world with my wife Vaness, when I'm not home video coaching my clients in my unique super strength training system CoreForce Energy.

description=”Garin Bader piano concert”


You'll see what a calorie burning physical show this is – especially when we do it twice a night! It's on of the main reasons we need to keep ourselves in peak performance year round with muscular strength and endurance.

Enjoy the video and Stay Strong,

Garin Bader

P.S. Almost forgot.. There's now 8 new bonus videos (!) that I've uploaded to a special site for all my Finger Gymnastics buyers. If you don't have these super finger exercises, go quickly to before my special price goes back up.