Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

If you're like most people, you've experienced a demonstration of extraordinary power at some point in your life where you accessed mental and/or physical powers that far exceeded your supposedly “natural abilities”. Most people can not fully explain where and how it came to us and many just write off these experiences to being fueled just by adrenaline or faith.

Although these might have played a huge part, there were other elements in play as well – physical, mental, and emotional attributes that were present in varying degrees and that made it possible – a recipe of sorts of precise measurements. Elements that even science has trouble understanding how to manifest.

The Chinese have believed for generations that everything in the Universe is interconnected and that all life was imbued with a powerful bio-energetic life force.

The word “Chi” represents this belief of this universal interrelatedness and the innate power that we all possess when our “meridians” are clear from all obstructions. These “meridians” are a system of intricate channels in the body where it's believed that our life-force flows to every cell in the body.

When the energy flow throughout these channels is completely unrestricted, it allows us to optimally express our extraordinary innate physical powers.

But what IS this mystical force? Or, is it all that mystical in the first place?

Throughout exploring the principles of CoreForce Energy I cut out the mysticism and begin giving you the actual ingredients that are present when you're accessing and expressing your optimal “chi” power. In short, we are truly vibrational beings, and when you're accessing your “chi” you are accessing far different and intense vibrational frequencies physically, mentally, and spiritually than you are in your every day life.

If we want super strength and speed and be in command of it to use it whenever we want, we need to be able to create waves of electrical impulses from our brain and have immediate physical manifestations of that energy so we can understand if we're on the right track – bio-feedback if you will. In theory, if you can create waves of the right powerful frequencies, they will contract muscles as if a lightning bolt hit them giving you ultimate strength and unbridled speed.

But what is energy really? What are the right frequencies? Most people don't even understand how to create energy or powerful vibrational frequencies – let alone the resulting energy. Many talk about energy as if it were a place to go – a destination – instead realizing that it should always be expressed with ever changing and free vibrations like music. Powerful movement should be filled with powerful vibrational frequencies that also flow like the ever changing currents of a stream.

Many think of human vibrational intensities of being either “on” or “off”. Or they only know how to feel and electrical charge with a coffee or a Red Bull. But, in fact, frequencies are vibrational beats and waves of moving energy that we can learn to turn on and manipulate any time with the right tools.

One of the quickest ways to understand frequencies and how changing their pitch and intensities affects you physically is to hear and see it as an expression of energy. This is one of the things I teach in CoreForce Energy. If we are going to claim that we are vibrational beings, then we should start thinking like the master and commander of our energies and begin moving with electrical impulses with living and highly charged vibrational trajectories of energy instead of just purely physical moving with actions powered by muscle and learned by rote.

Be the Creator of Your Energy.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader