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A subscriber wrote in with with a great question. They wanted to know about meditation and developing chi strength. Here's my answer….

Great question about how does one begin to develop their chi. There's not a simple one or two line answer.

In a nutshell, there are many forms of what one might call chi strength and many ways to develop it. Most traditional ways take years and years to master and many of those ways also leave questions to whether its benefits really improve physical strength all that much. Some will say there is just one kind of chi but I believe there are many many kinds. There is calm chi, there is fierce chi, there is flowing chi, etc. etc.

In essence chi is energy – life giving energy that is said to unite body, mind and spirit. Logically speaking, if that's so, wouldn't you think there'd be more than one way that could possibly create this unity?

My question is, what is the precise chi or energy you're looking for to achieve all these things? Is there just one kind? It seems like a good question would be – what is the state of mind you would need to unite mind, body, and spirit to achieve the optimal physical action at hand?

When you apply the right kind of energy to the action at hand, then you've adapted your chi to work for you rather than against you. To me it's like choosing the right tool for the right job. A hammer is not going to work so well on a screw. A screwdriver would be better. A drill would be even better. Sometimes people get so caught up in choosing the right tool that they forget to apply how it even relates to the job at hand. It's all about relationships to your energy and what you're applying it to. There should be a connection.

The famous pianist/composer Johannes Brahms once said, “use your nose – as long as you get the right sound”.

See, to me, instead of working on trying to achieve one kind of chi or state of mind, body, and spirit, I want to learn and master how to associate myself to being connected to the energy that's needed at every moment. When I associate chi to living energy, then I'm automatically more alive and engaged in exuding fluid adaptability for the situation at hand.

Thinking of chi as a journey rather than a destination automatically engages your mind to finding more possibilities in how to move and think with stillness or electricity. It puts you in the exact place you need to be – blending energy into what is needed rather than forcing energy into actions and situations that aren't appropriate but that adhere to tradition or blind acceptance that one kind will work for all situations.

Many people find great benefit in meditation and will tell you that it develops chi as well. Its practices certainly have calming effects on the mind. But just by doing it doesn't mean it automatically creates the right frame of mind for every situation in life and for every action. A stillness of mind can often be a detriment rather than a benefit sometimes. Adaptability and quickness of that adaptability is very important.

In my opinion, sometimes the calming of mind that meditation may give us can quite often enable attributes that hinder fast action and adaptability for the processes at hand. They say we can't think two thoughts at the same time. Well, the body can't move differently than how the mind thinks as well. So, for instance, if you need extreme speed, certain kinds of meditation doesn't automatically preclude the fact you'll be able to move and think fast.

Some meditation might calm the mind so it becomes still as a lake. That might be perfect for many situations. But sometimes, to be super adaptive, the mind needs to flow with the current like a river and still practice doesn't automatically give you that ability.

Traditionally meditation means practicing calmness or oneness. Some will say that chi is about aligning chakras to generate powerful energy. But, stillness and/or powerful flowing of energy are ALL forms of energy in the end. One is not better than the other. The right one at the right time is most important.

If you concentrate on developing your powers of being in charge of your energy whether it be waves, rivers or stillness, then you're learning to become master of ALL kinds of energy that contain the elements of both chi and meditation. Learning all the facets of both and applying the right one at the right moment are the very elements that make life exciting, supercharged, and filled with serenity and joy.

Learning to be master of all kinds of chi energy will give you greater flexibility and allow you to express many more facets of strength to make you much stronger in mind, body, and sprit – much faster.

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader
CoreForce Energy gives you unique and creative ways to help you to become master of your energy, your power, and and your mental focus so that you can activate many kinds of energy that is adaptable to every situation. It teaches you direct ways that give you instant and undeniable strength quickly and without years of practice.

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4 Responses to “Developing Your Chi Strength”

  1. Michael Abiff

    Sir, you are so correct when you point out the fact that there are many ways to access chi energy to use to our desired ends. You are one of the few that point out the fact that the traditional eastern methods of cultivating one's chi are time consuming, moderately effective at best, and usually not suited to western culture.

    The latest chapter in the chi energy saga is the invention of the chi or orgone generator some 20 years ago by Karl Hans Welz.. Now you can just wear a chi energy trend specifically modified for strength and stamina on your person via a slip of paper that serves as a transfer diagram. With such an energy trend strength training is taken to a new level. Their are many additional benefits to using such a chi energy trend. Far too many to mention here.

  2. LosHairos

    Hello, I have read whole article, but there is no mention about how to develop chi strength. Probably, I have to read another articles. Anyway, thank you.

  3. Iron Rooster

    That is a new viewpoint on chi. I have never liked the metaphorical or philosophical explanations as much as the practical. The best and most useful explanation for me is air. Air is our most immediate source of energy. Try doing any action without air. Action becomes increasingly difficult without the flow of air/energy/chi.


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