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Here’s a video of the best leg exercises to quickly make your thighs and calves super strong and give you explosive muscular power.

It's an exercise that will give you optimal functional strength by developing balance at the same time by utilizing the strength of one leg to it's max. In CoreForce Energy, I want to develop your strength so your strong at any angle and so your core and limbs work together synergistically.

This will improve your overall strength whether you do weight lifting, bodyweight exercises like Combat Conditioning, or martial arts, and will certainly help you with any sporty you're involved in.

One Set Will Exhaust Your Legs
And Engage Every Muscle Fiber

Best of all, this exercise will exhaust your legs to failure in a very short time. And, of course, going to failure is one of the fastest ways to develop super strength, stamina, by recruiting as many muscle fibers as possible.

Take a towel and loop around the door handles like you'll see in the video on this blog.

Grip the ends of the towel and straddle the door to begin what appears to be a normal squat at first. It's not.

Pay close attention and listen to the way you do it. You're going to be squatting down and up with what appears like both legs working equally.

But, in fact, you're using one leg as a training partner and barely putting any pressure on it. It will be there to help when the other leg begins failing and cant do another repetition.

Keep your back straight, and lean back holding on to the ends of the securely placed towel. This will not only help protect your back, but put more weight on that one leg while developing your grip strength as well.

On your first rep, you're counting the up motion instead of your first downward motion. So, in essence you're starting your counting not standing up but from the squat position.

Focus Your Body Energy

Count one is shooting your body energy straight up from the floor at a moderate speed and coming back down. To finish this “one rep”, you go back up at a slightly slower speed and then count 5 counts lowering your entire bodyweight back down in a negative rep fashion.

This is all what I call one rep. Then you know deep down you can't do another rep like this, you do your best to get back to the standing position just one last time and then you lower yourself down with a 6 count.

Only One Set Creates Super Strength Quickly

Then, use your other “training partner” leg to slightly help yourself back up and begin a 4 count rep downward. Repeat this to failure. This is only one set. Never do this set again in the same day. Go on to something else and let the muscles recuperate sufficiently – otherwise you'll be working yourself backwards.

You're legs should burn like never before and you'll be building some serious muscular strength quickly.

This is perfect for those who can't do what Pavel Tsatsouline, calls the “pistol” – the one legged squat. But believe me, in a short time, your legs will develop both the strength and balance to be able to do these. Then, guess what, you do the pistols the exact same way with positive reps at different speeds and negatives to failure!

You might want to call the fire department.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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4 Responses to “Build Explosive Leg Power and Super Strength”

  1. Omar

    this is a truly amazing exercise. i just tried it, i manage to make 7 reps but i noticed how instantly i could feel it working. but there are 2 questions i have. you say that we concentrate all our energy on one leg while the other uses only a small amount. that way we train one leg to the max. but in the whole set do we ever switch legs? and how often can we use this exercise, can we use it everyday or should we only do it every other day?

    • Garin Bader

      Very happy you like the exercise. To answer your question #1, I usually do one leg to failure – so that I can’t crank out another rep. Then, I rest about 20-30 seconds and move on to do the next leg exactly the same way. On days I don’t train to failure, I alternate legs every few reps. Sometimes I do 2-3 reps with the negatives at a time and then other times do 5-6 to 8. I always try to make them harder. There’ll be more videos how I put more weight on the reps by crossing one leg over the other until the working leg begins to fail and also leaning at different angles also puts stress on the leg in completely different ways. Then we move on to full one leg squats eventually. I know a lot of people who do body weight exercises say you can train the same exercises every day. I don’t. There are So many exercises that can hit the muscles differently. I believe there’s no reason to even risk over training a muscle group with the same exercises. All the best and thanks again for the comment.

  2. micheal

    how many days a week should i be doing it and can i jump higher if i do this excersize?

    • gcoreforce

      Hi Michael,
      Thank for writing. I would recommend doing these 3 times a week. Of course, with body weight exercises, you can do many slight variations and do them almost every day without injury. However, as with any exercises, if you\’re not improving and you\’re unduly fatigued, your body is trying to tell you that you need recovery time – not more training. It\’s when you recover properly that you can begin seeing the strength and speed improvements that are ideal. Train hard – but rest intelligently.


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