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How Do You Become Super Human with Super Speed?

Usain Bolt wowed us with his super human speed when we watched him blow past the fastest men in the world with little effort. He was a force to be reckoned with until Michael Gay met David Weck.

David Weck developed a theory that involves spiraling that revolutionized the way Gay ran. During the DN Galan race in Stockholm, Gay surpassed Bolt at the 5-second mark and never looked back. All the way to the finish line you could watch as his arms spiraled in a torquing motion.become super human like usain bolt

Weck is most widely known for his invention the Bosu ball, which when viewing is a series of spirals that wind down a half globe shaped object meant for balance and function training.

Most of Weck’s ideas come to him by accident and they are all brilliant, the Bosu ball being a multi-million dollar spark of brilliance. One thing that I have in common with Weck is the belief in fluid circular movements while training or performing pretty much any activity.

In my CoreForce Energy strength training program, I discuss the idea of torquing movements, which pretty much emulate a spiraling movement. Humans are primitively attracted to spiraling. Think about when your equilibrium is off. You tend to walk in circles or feel like you are spiraling down a drain when you stand up.

As children we spin in circles until we fall down. This incredible moment gives us amazing power and allows us to tap into primitive instincts that were long thought to be lost to man.

If you think about it, circular movements are just part of nature. The earth spins on its axis. Planets orbit around the sun. So, doesn’t it make sense that we can generate more power by utilizing circular movements? To learn more about torque power in movement so you can develop human super speed, check out my product at CoreForce Energy.


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